NEW AWAKENING WORSHIP CENTER - It's a brand new day!


Dr. Bobby and Natasha Howard were married in February 2003. Dr. Howard always has had a calling to pastor and reach the lost. After going through seminary he began to pastor in Greer South Carolina as a youth pastor. Several years as being a youth pastor and an associate pastor, God called them to Boiling Springs South Carolina to help build ministries. While preaching and helping other ministries Pastor Bobby and Natasha took on a journey with others to start New Awakening Worship Center. Although they are pastors they have had a long journey to get to where they are. They have struggled with addictions, depression, suicide, not fitting in and many other things. After 4 years of marriage, They struggled with getting pregnant. With much disappointment, they searched their hearts and cried out to God and He blessed them with their daughter, Cheyenne. They are determined to remain focused on God and keep Him first so their child will never know what it means to come from a broken home like both of them had experienced. They are keeping their eye's on God and staying faithful to His word.